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Data & IT Services


Sigma Networks was formed in 1997 as a data network infrastructure company, and although we now offer a wide range of services, communications remains close to our hearts.

The following is a brief description of what we can offer.

Data Networking

In today's technological world, every business relies heavily on its ability to send and receive information quickly and efficiently.

A professionally-installed structured cabling system, featuring state-of-the-art copper and fibre optic elements, is the foundation on which all successful modern networks are built. Add to this an efficiently and innovatively designed Local and Wide Area Network with high-end active equipment, and your enterprise can join the Gigaspeed age!

With value added services such as wireless networking, inter-building laser links and radio communications, Sigma Network's portfolio is extensive.

Our client list encompasses small start-up businesses to large network operators and data centre companies. Check out the Major Projects page to find out more.

Managed IT Services

We specialise in providing managed IT services to start up, small and medium sized businesses throughout the UK.

Our suite of services are designed to be client specific to provide the best of breed solutions for your company whether your needs are a 'business in a box' package for a start up enterprise, a current systems review, consultancy and planning, service enhancement or support for businesses with an existing IT investment.

By giving you the right tools suited to your business, our aim is to design your system to complement and improve the service you provide to your own clients.

Starting from the provision of a single PC, advising on "hosted" or on-site server options, to development of more complex networks, through to mobile solutions designed for staff on the move or home workers, we are sure we have a solution for you.

As your business grows you will need an IT partner who can hold your hand through that growing process; we have the experience to advise and help you introduce complex line-of-business applications across multiple sites if required.

Designed around the individual needs of our clients our services come with the backing of support, we are proactively monitoring your systems remotely, day and night, to pre-empt problems and resolve them before they become an issue.

Capital Expenditure is currently a major concern for many businesses and one of the primary reasons restricting companies from developing. Many of our products and services can be provided through our leasing packages, with payments spread over 12, 24 and 36 months.